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Address Ozimice II, Dobrih bošnjana 5,
77000 Bihać,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Telephone + 00 387 37 223 793
Mobile + 00 387 61 149 039
Nationality Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date of birth 1950
Sex Male


Dates 1972 – 1974.
Name and address employer Municipality of Bihac , Bosanska 4
Type of business or sector Secretariat for Social Affairs
Occupation or position held Paper for Health and Social Policy
Main activities and responsibilities Implementation of the policy community in the areas of health and social care
Dates 1974 – 1983.
Name and address employer Municipality of Bihac , Bosanska 4.
Type of business or sector Secretariat for National Defense – Civil Protection
Occupation or position held Head of Department of the Civil Protection
Main activities and responsibilities Implementation of protection measures and risqué operations in terms of elementary and natural disasters.
Dates 1983 – 1992
Name and address employer SOUR PPPK “KRAJINA” Bihać, B.Zardin 2.
Type of business or sector Sector for National Defense – Civil Protection
Occupation or position held Associate for coordination
Main activities and responsibilities Regional coordination of economic entities in the National Defense and Civil Protection
Dates 1992
Name and address employer Ministry of Internal Affairs , Bihać, 502. Viteške brigade 2.
Type of business or sector General Affairs
Occupation or position held Activities of control
Main activities and responsibilities Inspection of General Affairs in the framework of the organization structure of Ministry of Internal Affairs


Dates 1969-1971
Name and type of organisation providing education and training High School for Medicine in Belgrade
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered High medical technician – Inspection affairs at the protection of human health.
Title of qualification awarded High School degree
Dates November – December 1975.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Federal Centre for Civil Protection
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Course of Chief of the municipal staff of Civil Protection
Title of qualification awarded Certificate of Participation
Dates 1976 – 1981
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Sector National Defense and Civil Protection
Title of qualification awarded Professor


OTHER LANGUAGES English (Reading: Good, Writing: Good, Verbal: Good)
SOCIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Excellent ability of communication and teamwork especially developed during at the work placed where I often worked with other people /sports and public activities/
ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES During my job at the Head of Department of the Civil Protection my organisational skills were at high level especially during the implementation of protection measures and rescue after the earthquake in Monte Negro in 1979 and in Herzegovina a year later. Due to my organisational skills 4 types of specialised teams with equipment were sent to directly participate in the elimination of consequences – epidemiology team with a doctor as leader, team for establishment of low and high voltage electricity network, team for the repair of water supply and sewerage system. This was the first time that such an approached was used in the removal of earthquake consequences.

I directly managed the exercise of the Red Cross in the former Yugoslavia (year 1980) . The number of participants was over 400. For an excellently exhibited and realised exercise I was awarded by the president of the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia with the Labour Medal and was praised as the youngest manager of an exercise of this kind. I received the offer to lead the defensive preparations of this authority on the state level.

Since 2009 I am the president of the Association of Inventors of Bihać.

TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Innovator for more than 20 years. 9 registered innovations – patents of which 8 in the field of ecology.
Received more than 15 medals at various global exhibitions of innovations for the presented innovations. Recent gold medal was received in Stockholm for the innovation „Water surface cleaning vessel – Boat platform for collecting and processing of plastic floating waste and leaked oil” intended for environmental protection, renewable energy resources and climate change.
Important innovation with several won medals is „Ecological type of hydropower plant” which can be built in areas with strict environmental protection requirements such as National parks, Nature park and other protected areas. I was a member of the fire-fighters examination committee.

Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word.

OTHER SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Awarded for successful first and second degree in English course by School for foreign languages “ Bihać”.
Certificate of Attendance for Participation in Cross Border Institution Building – EU 2008.
Certificate of Attendance for CBIB–Training on haw to design quality project proposals EU 2010.
Certificate of Corse on energy efficiency – Technical faculty Bihać and NEPAS – New Energy Performance AS”

  • Use of a unit of civil defence of special purpose in mass accidents on a limited area / collected edition of works of civil defence
  • System of monitoring, control and organisation of eliminating the consequences of effused toxic and other harmful material in the sea. The work was published in the collected edition of works of the 3rdInternational meeting „Revitalisation and modernisation of production „RIM – 2001“ Technical faculty of Bihać.
  • The same paper/work was published in the collected edition International conference „Protected areas in the function of sustainable development” Federal ministry of environment and tourism Sarajevo, Bihać 2008
  • Integrative development of new products, paper published on the 5th international meeting “Development and modernisation of production 2005″; authors: Atif Hodžić, Ljubomir Samardžija, Isak Karabegović /Technical faculty of Bihać.
  • Ecological type of hydroelectric plant. IX consultation/conference BH Cigre Neum 2009
  • Same work presented on the Summer university of Tuzla in 2009 on the topic “Renewable energy sources”.
  • Forest and agricultural fires as factors to increase emissions of greenhouse gases. The work was forwarded to the secretariat for climate changes in Copenhagen in 2009 “COP15″
  • Scientific work about the necessity of forming a professional/technical body on the UNEP level which would immediately after huge natural disasters send to the endangered area. This work was forwarded to the UNEP after the earthquake in Haiti.
  • In 2010, 2011 and 2012, I am representing Bosnia and Herzegovina in the technical work group for the definition of processes in connection with the transport of dangerous and toxic material, which are transported on the Mediterranean Sea which is, due to the high frequency of transports of oil and oil derivates as well as dangerous and toxic material defined as a very endangered water environment “REMPEC”.
  • At 2nd Conference with international participants “Towards competitiveness by innovations” October 13, 2011 ZAGREB, CROATIA I presented paper/work “Ekobis – 2011 Ecological innovations Forum”
    Ecological Innovation Forum is envisaged as a new ON-LINE approach to offering innovations to a large number of potential clients, mainly investor.
  • At the 1st BaH Water Congress held in Sarajevo on 27 and 28 October 2016 I presented a professional paper on “The use of hydropower potentials in BaH, between the environmental requirements and the need for the construction of hydropower plants”;.

For more information see

I am the author of the project 1. ONLINE International Conference on Forest and Agricultural Fires as one of the important causes of Climate Change. Read more on

I am the author and the president of the NGO “Man and natural resources” Bihać who organized a number of regional and international round tables, public forums, press conferences and other forms of action. The main themes of these activities relate to the inadvertent use of natural resources, their abuses, the advanced climate change, and the consequences of unmanaged human activity for a particular ecosystem. Among other things, our activity took place in several directions, such as:

We have briefed the UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) on the scope of our 1st ONLINE International Conference on Forests Fires ( ), and we received very good and positive suggestions from the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco. We were invited to attend the signing of this climate agreement in Paris as an NGO, and we received a call from the Prince Albert II Foundation to attend their most important annual event, which was held in late 2015 – on premiere of environmental film. The world premiere screening of Les Saisons.

In the area of the use and protection of natural resources with a focus on water resources, we organized a Round Table on “The Hydro-potential of the River Una – Challenges of the Future”, attended by numerous regional participants.

Following the adoption of the Climate Agreement in Paris in 2015, together with the Ministry of Construction, Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of Una-Sana Canton Bihać, we organized a round table on “Climate change – here and now” (23/02/2016). The focus was on local issues, what community and citizens should do in relation to advanced climate change and what each resident needs to know and undertake in order to mitigate climate change.

We are proud of our activities regarding the proposed amendments and the submission of amendments to the FBaH Pre-Draft Law on Forests. We have submitted our remarks to the addresses of the leading people in the FBaH Parliament as well as to the parliamentarians of Una-Sana Assembly, which also discussed and adopted the new Forest Law in 2016.

We have reacted to the absurd activity of BaH’s political structures on their aspirations for building energy projects in BaH by holding the Round Table on 03/03/2017 regarding the announced investment cycle for the construction of more thermal power plants in BaH. The aspect of use of coal as a natural resource and its adverse impacts on both human health and advanced climate change has been assessed as unacceptable. We have explained our opinions in the conclusions that have been submitted to the relevant addresses of BaH, FBaH and RS, as well as some international addresses that deal with the energy sector – such as the Energy Community of South East Europe.

On 30/07/2017, we held a press conference on catastrophic forest fires, which in the context of the advanced climate change in BaH as well as in the Mediterranean countries, take on a worrying scale. Our conclusions have been made by a large number of experts in this area, and they have been submitted to the EC – Environment Directorate / see ) from which we received an answer. Conclusions were also delivered to a larger number of daily newspapers in BaH and the region. We intend to undertake activities on sanitizing burned areas over the past 10 years with the aim to bring through their own Mediterranean Strategy through a wide range of measures and tasks for afforestation and the gradual change of microclimate of this devastated area. We intend to make mandatory inclusion of high school and college students in these jobs as their mandatory work on the environmental protection plan. It is also intended to look at the consequences of the forest fires in the past to the local and regional ecosystems of all countries and to take concrete measures for their recovery from 2018 to 2028.

As an innovator with a significant number of environmental innovations, my wife Silvana and I have provided to the World Ecological Society a completely free, innovative solution for completely removing plastic floating waste from the surface of our oceans. At my link “PLASTIC WASTE IN OCEANS” you can see all the relevant activities on this issue with the PowPoint presentation BOAT PLATFORM.

Also on this web site you can found my efforts through the NGO “Man and natural resources” to construct free of charge about 700 small hydropower plants of the ecological type in the area of South and Sub-Saharan Africa. The most important aspect is to stop the migration or emigration of young people from these areas and to enable their sustainable development in order to mitigate the pressure on young people (PROJECT HPP FOR AFRICA).

In the second half of 2018, we are planning to hold a round table on the topic “Study on the pyramid of the Unariver biomass ecosystem, its tributaries and their associated ecosystems with measures and activities on their protection and revitalization for the period 2018-2028″ with participation of a larger number of participants whose engagement in this plan is necessary, even mandatory (see )

With kind regards,
Ljubomir Samardžija

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?