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Infrared Corner

Corner infrared spirit-level

Cheap technical aid which is used in civil engineering, handicrafts, agriculture and other service activities.


To determine in easy and simple way a horizontal or other position defined by protractor.

You want:

  • To determine any declivity of the ground.
  • To drain waters towards the desired course.
  • To install water and drain pipes 1,5 or 50 or 100 meters long at certain angle.In this way you provide an even drainage of rain and waste so that they don’t stay still and water or waste material are not accumulated in the desired direction.
  • To draw a horizontal or vertical straight line and commense installing ceramic tiles.
  • To commence building a house,a room and fix precisly opposite angles.
  • To construct a roof and a roof-frame,especially when fixing a roof-tree or rafters and check whether they are in a line,in the same angle position.
  • To determine a zero point while setting up board formwork,pouring concrete or mortar.
  • To erect scaffolding to be safe and firm.
  • To water farmlands.
  • To construct roads and road objects.

Business intention: I give the free right to use this model.

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?