Today is Wednesday, 21. Oct, 2020
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Ship Nekton

SHIP »NEKTON« for collecting of oil slicks from the sea

Realizing the idea of collecting an oil slick from the surface of the sea I have been guided by the following principles:

  • Discharged oil should not be allowed to reach land when the process of its collection is much more difficult and complicated and very large-scale consequences that need engagement of great number of people and material means have occured.

    In order to be completely successful the ship must carry out 3 tasks:

    • Must enclose an oil slick on the surface of the sea and direct it towards the inside of the ship by floating limiters.
    • Inside the ship oil is concentrated in the rear.
    • Such oil concentrated in the stern will be pumped into containers that will be left on the broad sea until final collection.
  • After leaving it on hold for a while (in order to get water separated completely from oil) the oil will be transported to refinery and processed. This way will eliminate all kinds of ballast materials that as a rule are created in other ways of collecting of oil sliks.
  • Most of accidents happened during low temperatures when oil density is thick, jelly-like. Because of this the ship »Nekton« is designed to be provided with heaters in the interior that will enable raising the temperature of the concentrated oil and its easier pumping into special containers.

Why to build the ship?

Because the effects of collecting oil or other waste is very large in the environmental and economic sense.


  • A relatively cheap vessel, primary use for collecting of oil slicks, can be constructed without its own propulsion, only with hydraulic-power system for lowering and lifting of the ship, pumps for pumping of oil and steering mechanism.

Where to have them?

Along the busiest sea routes (South Chinese Sea, Seas round Indonesia, Malesia, Arabic Sea, Red Sea, Seoul, Mediterranean, West Coast of Africa and Europe, North Europe, Venezuela, the Gulf of Mexico, USA East Coast, West Coast with Alasca.

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?