Today is Wednesday, 21. Oct, 2020
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Ecological type of Hydropower Plant
Can we have both – beauty and energy?
We say: “WE CAN”.

Please read with care:

      “No single prescription exists for a solution to the energy problem. Energy conservation is not enough. Petroleum is not enough. Coal is not enough. Nuclear energy is not enough. Solar and geothermal energy are not enough. New ideas and developments will not be enough by themselves. Only the proper combination of all of these will suffice.”

Edward Teller, physicist

The ecological type of hydropower plant is a new type of renewable energy source that is a new way of constructing hydropower plants which essentially differs from the former way of constructing these objects. This type of hydropower plant belongs to the group of small and middle hydropower plants and is built very simply without concrete dams and without the creation of artificial hydro accumulations.

Characteristics of this type of hydropower plant are:

  • it belongs to the group of renewable energy sources,
  • it is a low priced and safe renewable energy source,
  • the investment is returned in 5-7 years with an average price cost of 1000-1500 EURO per 1 kW power /The price is essentially reasonable if the agreement with the distributor is concluded for the construction of a larger number of hydropower plants of this type and of the way of placing of the pipe line,
  • it is a renewable energy source which is easily bound to the electro-distribution system of every country. It is also significant as a decentralized energy source the so called “insular”, for distant, poor and inaccessible areas. For them it is the energy of existence choice,
  • it preserves on the best way the characteristics of the stream. That is why it belongs to the range of clean energy. All sport and economic activities, social and cultural characteristics of the stream remain unchanged same as before the construction of this object,
  • the hydropower plant works under conditions of high and middle water level. At low water level of the river this type automatically stops functioning, without the will of the man. That way, the flow of the calculated biological minimum of the water is enabled for the stream which preserves all essential elements of the river ecosystem.

With the ecological type of hydropower plant we conciliated three of the so far incompatibly facts:

  • We have built a renewable energy source and obtained the essential energy for the development of human activities,
  • We preserved the water flow with those values which it had before the construction of this power object,
  • We gave our genuine contribution to the prevention of further deterioration of climate changes.

INVESTMENT which has a very long exploitation lifetime. Only after 20-25 years a reconstruction is needed.

RECOMMENDATION I, The recommended power of construction of this type of hydropower plant is from 0,1 kW to 5 MW – 20 and 30 MW which depends from the optimal amount of available water and the high-altitude difference at the locality where the construction of the hydropower plant is planned.

RECOMMENDATION II, It is recommended to the investors to make a Study of hydro-energetic potential on each potentially available water flow – confluence through which they will get the answer to how much and where the hydropower plants of this type should be built.

Patent registered in BaH BAP 062420A and WIPO (Ljubomir Samardzija and Nefic Amir).

Business intention Sale of licence, cooperation and search for potential investors.

    We are planning ecological type of hydropower plant type to register it for a project of cross-border cooperation, which is financed through the EU-IPA founds on the river Una, which is declared National Park.

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?