Today is Sunday, 13. Jun, 2021
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Long – life milk


The main characteristics of this innovation / long – life milk / are the reduction of the milk volume, its long life and the convenience of such a product to be transported easily to endangered areas to the population to whom such a food item is essential – of vital importance.

Particularly important for this new product is that it has been unknown as a product for supply of endangered population. The earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, Malaysia, and the last in Japan. Floods in Afghanistan, starvation in Africa and similar. This product enables us to create food reserves on particular geographical localities by charities such as Red Cross, UNHCR /Africa, Asia, Middle and South America/.

It is also important that for milk industries which would implement this technology there is a possibility to place the enormous amount of surplus milk at the market as a new product. For example, this product , Long – life milk “EXSTENSIBLE SACKS FOR POWDER MILK” with a baby soother offers the possibility to be used as a meal immediately at arrival to the endangered area.

It is a fact that 70.000 litres of milk can be made from 1 ton of powder milk. 1 ton of powder milk is easier to be transported and held for a certain period of time. 70.000 litres of milk is harder to transport to endangered areas which is the reason that milk is not enlisted as a supply product for endangered and hungry population.

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?