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Boat platform


Key words: plastic waste, plastic soup, collecting, oil spills, processing plastic waste.

The Boat platform for collecting and processing of plastic floating waste and leaked oil includes in its unique enterity multiple operation and procedures on the collection of floating plastic and other waste from the surface and several meters below the sea surface. It also includes their processing – recycling.

Stages of collecting:

  • 1. Stage: Collecting plastic and other waste and plastic particles – balls…( plastic soup)
  • 2. Stage: Sorting of plastic waste by the type of plastic materials (PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE ) and according to plants.
    Separating of plastic packaging with hazardous and toxic content.
    Output of granules after extruding to bags.
  • 3. Stage: The boat platform can be used to collect leakage of oil (light and heavy) floating on the sea surface. Limiters on both sides of the platform collect the oil from the water surface and direct it toward the interior of the platform. Oil is then directed over openings which are found in the sea level to tanks / bunkers where the same is kept until reprocesing.

Gold medal from International Innovation Fair „ Invention for the Futre“ , Stockholm 4-7 Okt 2011.
And Silver medal from the 4th International Invention Fair in the Middle East , Kuwait 21-24 Nov 2011.

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