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Preparation of project documentation for hydropower plants in the sub Saharan region of Africa

1. We have a very useful project related to the construction of hydropower plants in a significant number of African countries that have a certain amount of water (especially Sub-Saharan belt and South African countries). About the project and about me as the President of the NGO “Man and Natural Resources”, more at: .

2. As stated on the website more than 1.1 billion people around the world still have not got access to energy. And more than 2.9 billion do not have access to clean cooking. Energy poverty limits economic development, stifles people’s life chances and traps millions of people into extreme poverty. This problem has been highlighted on the World Bank’s
website. The aforementioned is referred to forty Sub-Saharan and South African countries. Our project completely corresponds with the objectives of the hydropower development program SE4all on the African continent. (Energy for AH by 2030).

3. With this project we want encourage private investments into the African energy sector – through the cheapest and most affordable way to gain access to clean energy. This is a free technology transfer – transfer of knowledge, which is our contribution to the development of these countries. Our contribution is aforementioned transfer of knowledge by giving of patent right for this project.

4. Furthermore, there is a climate change problem which was highlighted several times as the objective set by the UN and other international institutions in order to create conditions to mitigate climate change processes on the global scale. Renewable energy sources as presented in our project contribute to the climate change mitigation.

5. We, as well as you, are aware of the totality of the problem of migration from African countries toward EU countries bordering the Mediterranean and their big problems with illegal and dangerous arrival of this population. Unfortunately, not so small number of refugees lost their lives trying to reach the European continent. Also, there are migrants coming from the Middle East / Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries/.

6. Furthermore, these projects should be considered with the fact that current migrants are the most educated and most competent part of the African population who decide to leave the Sub-Saharan belt over Libya for EU. They are educated and competent and they believe they will adapt quickly to the situation in the countries of the European Union. At the same time this represents a long-term loss for the African countries because progressive and educated population which would be the backbone of a new social and economic development is being taken away. That is a dual problem. The problem of the EU countries is that they have the influx of migrants, while the problem of underdeveloped countries is that the most educated part of the population migrates toward the EU countries.

7. We simply have to strengthen the poor countries from within and solve the problems where they have arisen – in Africa and Middle East.

8. On one side, employment capacity for the production of equipment for hydropower plants in developed countries is enhanced. This represents the first phase of this process. According to our estimates it is possible to build around 600 and 700 hydropower plants of this type on the African continent.

9. This type of hydropower plants is extremely cheap and it does not require extensive construction works on watercourses. There are no constructions of concrete dams and creation of artificial water accumulations.

10. Working-age population in Africa is trained for the execution of works and maintenance of hydropower plants, design documents and similar.

11. Preconditions for relocation of other simple technological processes on the African continent are also being created, which represents continuous improvement of the economy of these countries as well as improvement of present infrastructures, social and health conditions of the above mentioned countries. This permanently reduces the pressure of refugees toward EU countries which represents the second phase of this pilot project.

12. In return, in cooperation with the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering of the Civil Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina , we would create a type project (preliminary design, feasibility study, environmental impact study, translation of documents into English and computer simulation) which could be fully applied on numerous sites of the African continent.

13. All the aforementioned parts of our project would be presented on the website where it could be easily downloaded.

14. We think we have provided sufficient entry data – facts to enable the realization of the aforementioned project through a grant, under the procedures set by you.

Our initiative and proposal covers the following;

- We commit ourselves to make a standard conceptual design using the example of a hydropower plant of 2 MW. This design can be applied to all hydropower plants regardless of their power, starting from 0.1 through 1, 2, 5 up to 25 MW, which will depend on the available amount of water that can be taken to produce electricity and a net fall for each individual location.

The conceptual design would contain all the necessary elements: the terms of reference, geodesic and geotechnical surveys, hydro-construction project, including the necessary technical calculations and energy calculations, budget and specifications of hydro-mechanical and electromechanical equipment, and cost estimate, including long-term social, environmental, and economic evaluation.

- We will make the Feasibility Study for this project.

- We also commit ourselves to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment in accordance with the conditions required for the protected areas of the Nature Park and the National Park. This way enables all users – investors to take documents and adapt it to each specific location.

- This project is much cheaper than similar projects for the production of electricity using hydropower potential.

- Due to standard typical document referred to in item 1.2.3., the total investment for each hydropower plant is reduced by a few percent.

- The above mentioned three documents in items 1, 2, and 3 enable the creation of the Main – detailed design for each site using standard indicators necessary for the development of hydropower plants.

- In consultation with you, every investor (private or state-owned company), after application through the website, would receive, free of charge, project documentation (from the item 1, 2, 3.) that would enable an effective and easy creation of the Main – detailed design for the location in which they want to build hydropower plant.

- This type of hydropower easily incorporates into the power system of each country, and it is particularly good in the remote areas where it achieves the so-called “island mode – autonomous mode”; of the power system (all production is spend for various needs of the population: the lighting, the work of information technology and telecommunications, water pumping stations, schools, health care and other basic needs of the population and even smaller production processes, etc.).

- We will also draw up an Annex of the project documentation to incorporate hydropower plant to the distribution network.

-The design documentation referred to in item 1, 2, 3 and 9 will be made by the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering in Sarajevo ( based on an innovative project of Ecological type of hydropower plant.

- The project documentation would be drawn up with your help through the means of grant – non-refundable funds.

- For the aforementioned project documentation with the English translation and computer animation it would be necessary to allocate the amount of 120,000 EURA.

- The above commitments would be entered into a contract with clear statement on our obligations and deadlines for implementation of the project titled “AFRICA – Hydropower plant for all”.

- The project documents would be available to your responsible representatives according to defined terms, before placing them on the agreed web portal.

Let us realize this project together in accordancewith your responsibilities and tasks.

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?