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HPP for Afrika – Responses

In the resolution process

  • Letter from the Office of the Taoiseach – Dublin, Ireland
    dated 3 January 2018
  • Letter from the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
    No. 12/18 dated 14 January 2018
  • Letter from the “Le Chef de Cabinet”
    No: CAB/2018D/3976-CG dated Paris. Le 1. Mars 2018.
    Republique Francaise

  • Letter from the „Director del Gabinete
    De la Presidencia del Gabierno“ dated Madrid, Febrero 2018
    Kingdom of Spain

Interesting: Presentation of the Prime minister of Italy, Mr. P.Gentiloni in Davos 2018 on the need for investment in sustainable development of African countries in order to permanently reduce migration inflows.

Dear Madam /Sir

according to some reactions of the states we had contacted due to the project „HPP for Africa“(France, Spain, Bulgaria and Ireland), our project for construction numerous hydro plants in the area of sub-Saharan Africa has been extremely welcomed.

Only one of our neighbor countries rejected our proposal for the project because their respective ministry allegedly does not have planned funds for these purposes.

It is OBVOIUS that other countries, as well as the countries above mentioned which accept our project as relevant, expect from other countries to be the first to donate money so that they can do that as well.

/A letter from France is attached/

We guarantee that the donations shall be spent as planned in the project and we also guarantee that the money shall be returned if we do not collect EUR 120.000. We are NGO, however we have fulfilled our obligations and we have justified the donations for projects we have realized so far. Please visit

We point out this fact for the following reason: at this moment about 40.000 migrants wait to enter Greece. We are also informed profoundly about the climate changes in countries from which a far massive wave of migrants is expected towards EU. It is estimated that millions of people might migrate from sub-Saharan Africa due to draughts.

The executive Director of the World Bank Kristalina Georgieva points out that from this area up to 86 millions of migrants are expected until 2050. She says that “everyday climate change become economic, social and existential threat to people”. Not only for this reason we initiated this project; we think that people in Africa need help with this project as well as with other similar ones.

Thank you for your time. We would be grateful for your donation.

Ljubomir Samardžija

With kind regards

        Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money?